Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Bang Bazaar Review

I haven't posted in forever, so I'm a bit rusty. Many apologies. 

Last weekend, I vended at Big Bang Bazaar in Maitland, FL.  It was my first time selling in several months and it was quite successful!  So successful, in fact, that I'll be looking for more events to vend at.  I sold several cookie flavors, peanut butter chocolate cookie truffles, and candied bacon. Yup, I said bacon.  I made "plain" candied bacon, salted chocolate coated, and peppered white chocolate coated. The chocolate coated bacon pieces were gone within a few hours.  They were so popular that I've decided to add them to my menu of treat offerings.

5 pieces of "plain" candied bacon is $12 and 5 pieces of chocolate covered bacon are $15. Shipping is not included.

Place your orders now!


I will be posting information on upcoming cookies for sale.