Hi, I'm Sunshine and Scoops of Sunshine is a dessert blog with a focus on ice cream and cookies using unique and interesting flavor combinations. 

About me:

My name really is Sunshine and I'm a lactose-intolerant, ice cream lovin', belly dancin', 30-something gal with a wife and two furry children who are sometimes my taste-testers (Don't judge. You know you do the same thing.).

I throw my own ice cream parties for my birthday (in the middle of December, natch) where I like to wow my guests with crazy flavors (Avocado and Maple bacon are previous hits.) I spend a good amount of time perusing blogs looking for new and interesting ice cream recipes.  I intently watch any TV special showcasing ice cream shops. I marvel at crazy flavors like "pear and blue cheese".

About my motto:

Once, after eating some extremely sub-par ice cream, I disgustedly dropped my spoon in the dish and exclaimed, "Life is too short for cheap ice cream!"  In that moment, I decided to never again sacrifice anything on crappy ice cream; it's just not worth it.  

Now, I feel this way about almost all desserts.  Why would I want to risk an unhappy tummy and - let's face it - potential clothes shrinkage (how does that happen?) for sub-par anything?

About my flavor combinations:

As a kid, I was strictly a vanilla-girl.  Occasionally, I would eat mint chocolate chip, but only because my mom bought it and I was desperate for some ice cream.  I avoided every other flavor, especially chocolate, like the plague.  My mom used to tease me about my "wild abandon" when I decided that fudge ripple was acceptable.  Thankfully, as an adult, I've branched out and am willing to try any flavor at least once.  Although, chocolate and I still have a tenuous relationship...

In creating ice cream and cookie recipes, I look to foodpairing, which has its roots in molecular gastronomy.  While I am not a molecular gastronomist, I love the science behind the creations.

When people look at my recipes, I want them to have a strong reaction.  I want them to question the combinations.  But, after trying it, I want them to say, "OMG Who would have thought that those would taste so good together?!"   

About my other blog:

Check out my other blog, The Culinary Vampire, where I write about living with Porphyria and creating Porphyria-friendly foods (click on over and you'll find out about Porphyria).

Thanks for stopping by!

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